Allai Partnering Protocol | General Procedure Detailing

Anyway,¿What are we doing here?
First published (2014.10.13)
Last updated (2014.10.15)

Basically, every business adventure must start with strong foundations, that translated into basic words, every agreement must be clearly socialized, explain, accepted, documented and filed for future reference. What future? A future full of personal interpretations of the reality and the obvios conflicts derived from those personal positions of the contribuiting partners.

This procedure is designed based on the best practices, identified over years of experience of small businesses, and guess what, in a large majority of the failure cases, the causes of rupture are internal; in other words, the partners can´t stand each other anymore, which is sad, because a huge investment of money, time, hope and emotions was poured in the would be something special operation.

That´s why, any time spent in adjusting and fine tuning the administrative, commercial and productive agreements, is time well spent.

Let´s think of a company as something that grows like a tree, at the very beginning, it is so weak and irrelevant that only the first investors care and eventually barely believe in it, but as it gets stronger, simultaneousy it becomes harder to change its structure. For example, how easy is to choose a place to plant the tree´s seed before it is done planted?, not easy, but a lot easier that change it´s place once the tree outweights us all.

Principles of the procedure
  1. Not necessarily the partner you are looking for, the best partner you can find for your self is someone you already know, or lives in your same time zone, or even in the same continent.
  2. Step A must be completed before step B starts, (No matter what steps are, order must be respected)
  3. All agreements and achievements must be perfectly tag, documented, signed and filed for every one to see.
  4. As in the stage of business execution, when money is coming in and going out in an steady pace, (with customers and all), the seriousness of every running partner must be tested from the very beginning and as frecuently as possible, cause you don´t want a "dimer partner" (on and off), the organization needs and relies on standard consistent output from every single member of the founder´s team. Guarantee: if this condition is not achieved, the value of the company is not higher as the paper´s where the agreements are written. How do we test that seriousness?, Easy!, every time the board of founders stablish an agreement on a set of tasks, that commitment should be honored, within logic time frame. 
  5. Co-hiring, thats what it is to partner up, is to offer yourself as an high skilled assistant to someone else´s ideas and projects, and have that person at your service for the same purpose, with the exception that a larger percentage of your commands and decisions will be negotiated, if not all of them! Unfortunately people are not naturally partner material, and we are always more perceptive about the things we believe we deserve and as a consecuence the things we should be receiving, than the things we do, to earn them. The first step to a succesfull partnership process is to recognize that natural and constantly changing unfairness.
  6. There are four basic types of contributions that you can bring to an entrepreneurship: time, cv´s skills, money, and ideas. 
  7. Agreements!... they are the blood, soul, heart and bones of the partnership. If you are not willing to negociate your own fantastic ideas and if you are not willing to consider someone else´s, and once in a while accept the good ones, then you better work alone and see your fantastic ideas vanish in the past along with your organic life many years down the road.
Basic conditions of the Partnering procedure
  1. Similar Interest. usually a partnership is a series of a internal agreements achieved and respected by an undefined number of persons who have common interests in some field(s).
  2. Scheduled meetings with people willing and informed. Sounds logic and easy, right?, well, most of the time these two basic conditions are´nt met. 
  3. Only when previous step is completed, proceed to the next step, this is specilly important for the agreements. One example, ¿Is there an agreement of the future company mission? if not, trying to advance in any direction is like painting a non existing wall.
  4. An agreement is achieved when every one´s commitment is stamp on it, in the form of a signature on paper, and copies distribuited to every one.
  5. Once confidential agreement is signed off, keep every one fully informed
Basic steps of the procedure
  1. Publish the offer, which is basicallly, a draft for a bussines plan, and the resume of the First Chronological Partner (FCP), his or hers personal goals, and his proposed contributions.
  2. Answer the questions of the aspiring partners and ask them for basic contact information. 
  3. Once a predefined number of aspiring partners are willing to start a process, ask for basic information, which is, updated CV and a document with proposed contributions, and personal goals.
  4. In this point the FCP, can share more delicate information with the aspiring partners, which is for example, the finantial info and the projections.
  5. Once an aspiring partner is satisfied with the available information, becomes a pre-running partner, who is primarly investing time after filling up a form with a full contact data and an agreement of confidentiality and a commitment for a testing period of time to further check compatibility with the infant corporate culture that is being growth by the minute.
  6. Once the agreement of the mission of the partnership is completed and fully accepted, the next agreement to be achieved is, the terms of the business model, the value of the individual contributions, the total initial value of the partnership, the value of every partner´s share, individual task´s and individual schedules. In any moment a pre-running partner should have the chance to stablish negotiable and non negotiable personal conditions. In this point is where the ones who are good enough or compatible enough to stay, will be aware of that fact and in consequence, will remain.
  7. Testing the compatibility of the partners is everyone´s labor. This is easy to be achieved early on, during the process of negociating the operational agreement of the partnership and all the previous points mention in the last paragraph, and once achieved, the remaining partners, should be really happy, cause they just achieved an iron made agreement to protect everyone and anyone´s interest inside the partnership, which in the long run, will protect the internal balance of the company itself. 
  8. At this point, it does´nt matter how long did this process took you, the posibilities for succed are quite larger that at the very beginning, everyone of you can include inside your personal assest a few number of very valuable contacts, some of them from people who is willing to bring value to your professional life. and all of that proven and generously documented. If the pre-defined basic material and financial conditions for starting the company are met, then the time is right to go to the layer´s office and give him a copy of the operational agreement. He will know what to do to proceed with the incorporation..