Hello there partner! So this is it, someone out there with some attractive skills, compelling dreams, unique experience, time as a valuable asset and may be money and equipment to be put as contributions and shares, is looking for partner material...and may be so are you. 

If you arrived to this place is because someone is considering you as his or her partner in business. Take your time to evaluate all the information this person or group of persons are putting together as their business plan. If you like what you see, play along, this could be the day your life is changing for good.

In the search box, in the upper right corner os this site, please write down the name of the entrepreneurship to which you were invited to participate. Then press on the name of the iniciative and when asked, log in with the user and password you were provided along with the invitation message. Then just follow the specific instructions that you will find in every process. Good Luck!

Welcome to ALLAI, Partnering Protocol Tools