From a partner we are expecting for so many qualities, but let´s call them all together partner material(ship). I am pretty sure you are far from perfect, as I am, but I can tell you this: I am willing to become a valuable asset for you, I am willing to sell for you, to learn accounting for you, the run legal and official errands for you, I am willing to do all that eclectic stuff, just to show you that I´m expecting the very same from your part. Reciprocity dude!.

In the beginning, we are needing, some money, but especially committed quality time to perform those activities you are very good at and you probably like to do. In order to create an stable, balanced and time enduring business, we need to put it on paper (your contributios, my contributions, everyone´s!) with our finger stamps on it. 

First, you propose what you like to contribute, say, 12 hrs per week. In addition to your qualities an skills, the First Chronological Board, in which you are an active member, will define your rol and percentage of contribuition to the company.

In brief, you can contribute, with money, time or any other asset you think is useful for the entrepreneurship. 
  1. Step 1: Documents
    • Updated Resume
    • Consideration about the mission of the organization
    • Proposed contributions for the partnership
  2. Skills
    • Risky
    • Puntual
    • Determinated
  3. Location
    • Any major city
  4. Commitment
    • Initially, assit to two meetings on line and read the project (120 minutes aprox) 
  5. Others